Success in achieving Ptsen-Nuh rests entirely with you, doing the course isn’t “having done PN”, its achieving the targets, doing the work and making It your core life disciplines that is achieving Ptsen-Nuh. That’s not meant to be daunting,  you are in control !!!

You don’t need to have any special skills or aptitude – nor to believe you can do it  – the system works on humans, not just this human or that human or humans who believe in themselves.. it works on humans period..

And over time it gets better and better and better, the limit of the results is the limit of the human to be centered and happy and at peace.. it just keeps on getting better if you keep on working it..

The vast majority ( more than 90% )  succeed with PN, the case studies are just a very few examples, and I can promise you that every single one of the success stories came to this with sizable doubts and fears.. Many of them were in really difficult emotional states, many of them had undergone a lot of therapy and many of them had tried practically every self-help system going… .

The great thing about Ptsen-Nuh is it often works even faster if you’re in a vulnerable  emotional state.

In order to achieve PN you don’t need to believe you can, you don’t need a degree, you don’t need to go over your past, you don’t need to reveal your inner secrets, you don’t need to be “in a good place”,

ALL you need is;

Surrender – let the disciplines take the place of your “I know best”

Remember – that this is all for you it’s tough but it’s not to hurt you but to help you

Open – to allow inner emotions to be healed

Feel – fear and worry but just follow the disciplines

Persist – just decide to give it your best and kept going