Here are just some of the things people say about Ptsen-Nuh Energy Mapping


“..thank you, thank you, thank you. You have no idea how much I am starting to feel more empowered, more in control, and most of all, so grateful. I thank you for the course, and for pushing me where I needed to go…I felt something truly unique tonight; instead of crying tears of sorrow, or pain, I was crying tears of happiness and gratitude, for my connection with universe, and how all of this meant that, I just couldn’t see it at the time. It was amazing to feel all of this, and I feel so lucky that I found your Ptsen-Nuh course”, AB, USA

“I’d gotten so used to living with overwhelming emotions–always feeling upset, depressed, anxious, what have you, over big things and little things–that it’s taking some getting used to NOT living with a ton of painful emotions being my day-to-day experience. I sometimes think, ‘Wow, so this is what it feels like to not be bowled over every time a ‘crisis’ arises.’ I’m able to respond to things better instead of having problems devastate me.. The other day I got unexpectedly hit with a bill for $700. Before PN I would have spent hours sulking that I had no money pay it. But this time, after a few minutes, I was like, ‘Oh, well. I’ll deal with it. Next!’ “, CT – USA

“My friends just can’t seem to believe the changes in me since learning PN
What I really like about it is that its a system that doesn’t tell you what to think or what to believe, it just shows you how you work in ways I would never ever have considered or even believed and thats a really big shock when you first see it. But as time goes bye you see its true and you see your processes and it puts you in the drivers seat of your own happiness. As Steve says its very different from anything else, radically so – but it really does make sense when you learn in and it really does work” LU, Canada

“I’m just so calm nowadays and things don’t get to me like they used to at all. Yes I feel emotions, I get upset and happy and all the emotions I had before but they roll through and I experience them and return to balance so quickly. Nothing seems stuck like it used to and people and their issues don’t wind me up or trigger me like they once did. I sleep better, I feel happier and people are commenting – asking me what I did.
The course isn’t easy it takes a lot of work and it does get to places I didn’t want to go, but as Steve says you don’t have to know you’re going to make it you just have to follow the rules and stick at it. A couple of times I nearly derailed but in the end I stuck with it and thats the best decision I have made” JP, England

“Before taking the PN energy course with Steve i had literally tried everything…and i do mean everything to change my life. I had more self-help books than most bookstores and the more I tried, the worse i felt. My decision to take the PN energy course came with hopeful expectation but i was also prepared for disappointment. I feared that my life would be much the same as it had been before taking the course. I WAS WRONG !! This course has changed not only my attitude and perspective, this program has CHANGED MY LIFE!!” CC, USA

“i just realized how far i’ve come I’ve gained a much greater appreciation for all the things that i’ve experienced. it also made me realize that this entire time there’s been a voice in my head telling me i can’t make it, that life will be better once something else happens outside of me, but i HAVE made it using the PN techniques and on my own!! there really is a place of peace in this world 🙂 ” RB, Maryland USA

“Thank you again for giving me the tools to change, it’s incredible. The difference in me and my life is remarkable!”, LS, Spain

“I have no idea how or why PN works, and that is a huge part of it, leave the ideas at the door, and accept that it does work. If you are wondering if it is for you, it is, if you are ready to make some fundamental change to how you live your life. I did PN a year ago and in that time I have left the very deep hole I had been stuck in for years. I had looked for answers in mountains of books and tried various meditations . THIS IS COMPLETELY different. DO NOT compare it to anything else you have ever tried before. Yes, it takes discipline, yet ironically it is uncomplicated and not difficult to follow… and if you put in the effort the results are profound and permanent. It clears away old junk buried deep, you don’t analyze it, in the same way you don’t go through your full vacuum cleaner bag. And that is liberation at it’s finest. It also gives you the tools to balance your own energies. This is powerful. The transformation has sent me down a path that has given me my life back. I am no longer triggered by old wounds, I feel I can cope with everything life throws at me and live in the moment. Steve takes no crap, that is all a necessary part of it, but trust me when you come out the other side you will realize what a compassionate, gifted teacher he is and that he has devised something truly remarkable. I feel I am very lucky to have stumbled across PN and I hope it spreads like wild fire because it can , without a doubt, help a lot of people enjoy life to the full”, Annie New Zealand

“These techniques, if practiced faithfully, will give you back your soul”, JP California.

“Things that were blocked started to happen it is just AMAZING just an overall good feeling”,KA Texas”

“I feel a balance in my life that I can’t remember ever feeling. I no longer rely on logic, reasoning and patterns to explain everything in my life, I try to save those for math now.”, MS Canada

“I was skeptical that a method/technique could take me to a peaceful and serene state just by simply practicing it. I had tried so many techniques that made so many wonderful promises but never delivered in a way that was lasting and could be drawn upon at will when needed. PN has given me the freedom and liberation needed to have a healthy, happy productive life at a level I could never have imagined.” E.R. USA

“This is the single most powerful technique I have learned in my entire life.”, EF – London

People get frustrated that I am content. I tend to laugh about everything going on around me then, it offends someone because I’m so light-hearted. my laughing gets me into trouble. I keep my boundaries up when someone attacks. I’m sorry for them, but there is no need to get upset. this one guy always says I agitate him w/my objectivity, he gets infuriated! LOL”, MK, USA

I have just completed the Ptsen Nuh Course ( and I also had some basic sessions before this). They have had an incredible impact on how I feel and have changed my life, soooo much for the better. I feel calmer, happier, stronger,less stressed, less tense and more at peace than ever. These techniques empower YOU and enable you to experience life as it should be experienced. Just to BE yourself, who you truly are, the way we are meant to be.  These techniques are powerful and life changing. I recommend everyone to give these techniques a try, you will not regret it. They are massively effective. You wont know what I mean until you have tried them yourself. Thank you Steve for giving me my life back.” –  Karen- UK


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