The Pain Has Gone – Irene

Hi Steve 🙂

I want to share with you what has changed for me during the course. To do that…to give you a total picture of it all, I have to say something about where I came from (before starting PN).

A year ago I was a happy and content, single mum working hard to make a stable life for my two young daughters after finally managing to leave (2 years ahead) a alcohol addicted and mentally abusing husband. No wanting or need to have someone else interfering in my life and just a little curious “sniffing” into spirituality…And there came this guy :)…WHAM!!! Hit by lightening! Amazing time spent together…before he ran off like a dog but never wanted to let go of me though.

What happened next is a crazy journey with so many things happening to me, physically and spiritually…

It all started with a really scary experience. I was totally alone in the house, going to sleep at night when this something/some kind of powerful force, pushing me so hard I almost fell out of bed (similar to what you would do trying to wake up a lazy teenager in the morning :))

I started to physically feel energies on and within my body, felt more goose pimples/chills
Started to see auras and energy around me indoors and outdoors, Started to feel extremely heavy energies from others which gave me head aches
Stronger sense of nature/connectedness/all nature seems more colorful, birds singing more beautiful… 🙂
There was a lot going on…

but I was digging a bigger, darker hole around me, feeling worse and worse, looking for answers and things to make it through the day.

Panic attacks came back stronger and more frequent.

But now the recent changes, during/after doing the PN course:

The ever lasting PAIN has GONE!!!
I feel an acceptance to what is. I can feel peace now…and choose to enjoy it! 🙂
Lost more kilos from my body
Panic attacks reduced and manageable 🙂
Strong urge to tell people the truth/help them see the world/existence from a new angle
Strong urge to help especially young people to get off that “fast track”, to slow down and live from within. (I know so many youngsters struggling with anxiety, stress and “burn out” symptoms.)
SYNCRONICITIES!!! It’s crazy and makes me smile :))))

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

I feel so grateful to have had this experience from the course!
Most important to me is your objective approach, straight to the point yet compassionate.
I wish everyone could do it. I wish you could teach my kids!
Thank you so, so much!

Bless you!