Joni’s Soul Shock

Soul Shock

soul shock

I’ll be the first to admit PN is a challenge, which is exactly what I needed for my soul shock…!

PN doesn’t soothe or reassure, but goes straight to the heart of the matter: releasing old emotions & blockages and getting one’s energies flowing. Especially in the first months of working with Steve I struggled a lot, but there never was a doubt in my mind this was what I needed to go through in order to grow and get happy.

After years of ups and downs, soul searching and traveling, I thought I was doing quite alright. And then, WHAM, I met this guy and totally lost my footing. I guess the universe felt it was time to take the next step, however much I didn’t feel ready yet. But can you ever feel ready to face the questions that challenge your whole existence? To face everything you always thought was truth, but actually turns out to have been a false belief?

Meeting my soul connection was a very intense and profound experience. Even though we have only been together for a very short while, I felt beyond a doubt there was this extremely strong connection between us. This in turn made me wonder if I was going mad, for I liked to think of myself as a reasonable and down-to-earth person (the person my parents tried so hard to raise) and here I was feeling these immensely strong feelings for a foreign guy I hardly knew at all!

Shaken to the core with ‘soul shock’, I tried to find solace and wisdom in the Buddhist teachings and even, for the first time in my life, contemplated consulting a fortune teller. But this voice inside me told me “NO, that’s not the way! You need to go deeper. You need to go all the way!” Still, Google helped a lot, from queries about ‘karmic debt’ to the concept of ‘twin flames’ to tears when I first read Steve’s article about why we have these soul connections. Maybe I wasn’t going crazy after all!

As to my soul connection, a couple of months in the PN process, he contacted me. Telling me he was thinking of me and wanted to see me again. I told him he was very welcome to come and visit, and I haven’t heard from him since. However, I can feel he finally started walking his own path inwards and this makes me feel so happy! Whether we will meet again someday or not, it doesn’t really matter to be honest. I feel extremely grateful for the experience, for having gotten this amazing opportunity to learn. I wish him all the best, but I don’t need him in order to be happy. My happiness is my own, and yes, I’ll be happy to share if that day ever comes. But it’s not important anymore. It really isn’t.

As to Steve Gunn, I’m deeply grateful for having met him in my journey. His guidance was objective yet compassionate and kept me going through the difficult stages; the times I felt so overwhelmed, bringing up the exact emotions I had to go through. How can one say ‘Thank you! Thank you!’ enough for something so life changing as learning PN from Steve? I’ll just say it again: Thank you! Now I feel it’s time to confront the next challenges life will throw at me on my own. Although, is it really on my own? There is this warmth inside me, this blissful feeling. It’ll never be really on my own again, for I feel connected. And grateful, yes! Thank you! Bless you!

Soul shock