No More Panic Attacks Or Migraines – Georgina

Georgina’s Story

Emotions are energy and learning how to process them is something we all need to do. It’s a natural thing yet it is not taught. Instead we are taught to suppress.

Since learning Ptsen Nuh ( “PN” ) I now know how to deal with these energies and process them..both the old emotional blockages and any new emotions… and it has changed my life!  Being balanced, calm and flowing not only changes your state emotionally but it all has an effect on your health too. 😊 turns out not all health problems are medical..

I suffered from migraines from a young age. I’ve tried everything… I’d be bed bound for days at a time due to them.. since “PN” i no longer suffer from them.. when I begin to get signs of one I know it’s because I’ve let me energy work slip and I’m becoming blocked again. 10 minutes later, after working with my energy the signs have all gone an no migraine attacks.

I no longer have anxiety or panic attacks and I very seldom get stressed, things which where a regular everyday occurrence … and that’s just a few things out of so many I’ve experienced since learning the system…

I wish everyone would try it.


Q. What changes have people seen in you ?

People can see the changes in me but they seemed to take it personally at first. Slowly people are becoming more interested but until they experience it for themselves they seem quite skeptical. But a little less offense is being taken and a little more interest is being shown. Others just see me as weird and something that’s all in my head ha!!

[Comment] What Georgina experienced from other people is something that most people report back. Friends and family are really impressed by the changes but cynical about what caused it.. The most common things they hear are “so who’s the new guy ?”, or “it can’t be real it must be all in your head” just as Georgina heard.  Most students of the system find this very frustrating and hard to deal with, especially when they’ve worked so hard to achieve the results they have.. but over time it gets easier for them.

Here’s the reason it happens…  firstly the results are very powerful and people really do see and sense the changes …often shocked by how much and how fundamental it is.   Secondly PN has no “buy in” to sell you.. No crystals,  chants,  ancient secrets,  magical signs or the other window dressing that the ego loves to cling to in its need-to-believe.   It’s the person themselves using totally natural processes..  In fact it is this very same need-to-believe process that we identify in the course as one of the most significant self sabotage processes and I show you how it works and why its so destructive. 

In the meantime the longevity of the change, the depth of the change  and the real sense that their friend or family member has accessed something so powerful, but that they had within them, gets less scary over time for those around them.