Freedom – Greg’s Story

If I could sum up in one word what Ptsen-Nuh Energy Mapping ( PN) has given me in my life, it would be freedom.

I am free from feeling trapped in emotion, free from needing to control my environment, free from feeling powerless, free from stress, and free from need. I am free to choose to work the system that was taught to me, or I am free to choose to return to old ways of dealing with issues as they arise.

The system taught me how to heal myself.  Its extremely important to realize that the healing, the power, the peace, and the happiness that have been attained do NOT come reading Steve’s materials, learning concepts, or even from Steve talking to me about his techniques.   The healing comes from DOING the work that was taught to me in the session. The motivation to continue doing the work, again and again, comes not from belief, or will, or thought, or faith, but from objective witnessing of the consistent results obtained in how I feel. (Which is great).

The benefits from achieving PN carry over into numerous areas of life. Quality of sleep is improved, energy levels are higher, physical exercise feels easier, body fat is reduced, and there is an overall “ light” feeling that makes just about everything somewhat enjoyable.  These benefits are only maintained by consistent effort in working the system that was taught.

Relapse from working the system is very important as it also provides objective witnessing of how it feels to go back to one’s “old ways” of life before the work was started. It doesn’t feel good. As soon as the choice is made again to continue using all of the techniques that were originally taught, is exactly when one starts to feel great again. There is no turning back once you have witnessed how effective these techniques are. Until you give up the “ I know best” attitude, you will never give yourself the opportunity to witness the depth of these consistent results.

The great thing about my life now is that I no longer feel powerless when people or situations trigger powerful or unpleasant emotions in me. Before PN, I would have sought out reassurance, or used avoidance or control tactics to suppress my emotions, but now I welcome them with open arms. I know how to experience and release all emotions, and after a short amount of time I am feeling deeply calm, relaxed, and fully able to deal with or accept whatever situation or person triggered the emotion to begin with.

This is authentic power, and I have never had the pleasure to experience this before in my life. I am deeply grateful that I both encountered Steve, and chose to let go of the control and have something else run my life other than my mind. Loyally stick with PN and I guarantee you won’t regret it.

Greg – Canada