To help you stay on track…

( accompanying audio on the importance of relapseĀ

I speak to people who are graduates of the system, a year or two down the line and I sometime hear..”well I’m doing it but I’m not really in the flow”..

I then ask about some the core principles, elements and disciplines and often hear “I don’t remember that part”, followed by an explanation that they’re doing just 2 or 3 things which they’ve focused on and forgotten the many aspects and principles that make the system work..

This is not unusual because there are processes that you are taught about in the course that will do this if you let them take control again by letting the disciplines slip.. So you are convinced you’re “doing it” but you aren’t and you;re unaware of it despite the glaringly obvious lack of results..

It’s the “I’m still on the diet but I’ve stopped losing weight” and when we look at the diet, the candy has slipped back in, the vegetables aren’t as many and the exercise is twice a week when it used to be 4 times..

Here are the things you need to be aware of

1. If it is not REALLY changing your life then you aren’t working the system.

2. If it isnt what comes first in your life above ALL things then it cant work.. If you are not balanced and flowing you are no use to anyone, not family, friends, lovers, kids, co workers etc.

3. It can not and does not work alongside other disciplines, the system must have control. The same way you can’t be on 2 diets at the same time.

4. You do not “do” PN daily, it’s a lifestyle, an entire way of being, not something to be scheduled in

5. It should be progressive, going to deeper and deeper layers of old wounds to keep releasing and getting more and more powerful over time

6. It takes discipline and you WILL slip, its perfectly acceptable.. BUT what’s crucial is to get back right away and if it isnt working ASK FOR HELP otherwise you will slip further until you need to do the system over again.

7. I’m not the energy police, I’m not gonna judge you as a failure – I will get you back where you want to be so just email me and I won’t bite ( well not too hard anyway )

8. Failing is not slipping or messing up, we all do that – YOU ONLY FAIL WHEN YOU DON’T PICK YOURSELF UP AND GET BACK INTO IT..

Email me and ask questions, I am 100% ready to support you..