Q. What will it help me achieve ?

A. Releasing old emotional wounds, freedom from being controlled by old triggers….bringing more emotional independence..

Q. Does that mean I won’t feel things emotionally like i used to ?

A. No it means you will more clearly feel real emotions but not become “trigged” by old wounds and unreleased emotions that aren’t relevant to present situations, i.e. the feelings that just come up and bite causing problems with issues like rejection, validation etc

Q. Is it a meditation practise or is it like other energy mapping methods ?

It’s a complete system that incorporates many different levels and layers of disciplines and techniques, all of which work together to achieve the desired results. The term energy mapping is a generic term for many different disciplines..not unlike the term “meditation” covers many different practises.. Ptsen Nuh energy mapping is a distinct set of disciplines you won’t find anywhere else ..

Q. Where did the system come from ?

A. Like many modern interpretations of ancient knowledge, much has crept in that has colored and distorted the original work. Exactly how the energy system works with the mental processes and how the chakras interact are a knowledge that became somewhat hidden, if not lost, within many modern interpretations. By referencing original work, ( going back to basics ) and testing this knowledge in real circumstances over many years of study we see the emergence of some awesomely powerful techniques that have proven results..

Q. Who does the work do you work on my energy ?

A. Nobody works on your energy except you. For this you dont need special training because you ARE your energy and so there is nobody more powerful to work on it than you. No psychology, no interpretation, no intervention its all teaching simple but powerful disciplines that you can use …. Even if you only do the foundational course to learn the tools, you have them for life and don’t need anyone or anything else to work them except for a desire to change and some discipline….

Q. Can anyone do this ?

A. Yes IF you are ready for a system that is discipline based. Not unlike a diet or giving up smoking, you need to be ready to work to rules and disciplines. You don’t learn how it works, that would take years as its based upon some very complex and detailed study – you simply learn how to apply the disciplines and follow the rules…

Like any advanced discipline its not something that’s part of pop-spirituality or a ‘quick fix’ solution – it requires commitment and discipline…. you have to be ready to do it. Not unlike a diet or exercise routine, you must have had enough of the “old you” in order to work the process.. People often struggle with doing something they really don’t understand in depth and that can sometimes be an issue with PN however once they benefit from the results that tends to fade as the benefits kick in

Q. Can PN heal mental illness or physical disorders ?

A. No. PN is spiritual disciplines that work on your spiritual energy or “Chi”. it is generally accepted that when your chi is flowing well that it aids your own physical self healing processes and people often state that they feel better both emotionally and physically, however it is not possible to claim the ability to heal anything physical or what are described as mental illnesses. You should see a medical professional to eliminate any physical, physiological or mental illnesses or in the case of any doubt whatsoever so as to eliminate these aspects before committing to PN.