Choosing Modalities, Important Things to Know

Its really important to understand the difference between certain approaches and modalities when looking for techniques to help you emotionally… And these differences can be really deep and fundamental, making many of the disciplines mutually exclusive so that if you try to mix-n-match you will compromise your ability to achieve anything..

In terms of just reducing stress and releasing emotions and something to get you through the day and take the tension our of your life there are many many options..a lot of the meditations and some energy work techniques.. few of these have long term effects because they don’t go deep enough to, they work on the top level of emotions and physiological stress… and like the aspirin they need to be used every day but they serve a valuable purpose.

Some techniques can go deeper, things like reiki and EFT if practiced really well and for a long time can do that and have more medium term effects… but are restricted in being able to get to the very deepest levels of suppressed energies because they don’t have mechanisms that address the ego’s systems that keep those energies there, away from being able to be released by tapping meridians ( same issue with acupuncture ), but nevertheless are close enough to consciousness that they drive us through a background of emotional unease and insecurity..

But the nirvana of all energy work, that which we’ve all been chasing is that which can go deep enough to release primal emotional blockages and the number of techniques that can really do that have been few and far between.. Brandon Bayes did some very important work many years ago with journeying but dealt with the ego’s emotional suppression techniques in not as direct a way as would be ideal….

I designed PN to not even try to compete with Reiki or EFT but to be something that would go all the way to the very deepest energies so that it would really work for people with deep emotional trauma. Its not something you half do it doesn’t have variable results like EFT or Reiki, i.e. you do twice as much you get twice the results, in PN you go all the way to the deepest level or you don’t – its a 100% or nothing system, but when you get to that deepest level, the results are incredibly profound..and that’s why the case studies are such powerful stories with very very deep change.

In order to achieve these aims, I needed something to deal with internal processes that suppress energy at the same time as dealing with the energy itself, and in order to do that you can’t use the psychological framework as that’s a behavioral model, and you can’t use the approach that you can just shift energies without dealing with the mental processes that block them, and so PN has a completely different entirely unique context to everything else that allows it to do this..

Another really important aspect is to understand that many disciplines deal with life ‘departmentally’, as that’s how the ego sees it, the ego carves life up into family, work, love, health etc. Techniques that do that don’t heal the person they heal the person with respect to situations..and when the situations change or become too overwhelming or complex often the person becomes destabilized again. Whereas the solid metaphysical approach, the approach used in PN for instance is to heal the person so they can recover balance IRRESPECTIVE of any situation. This is why we don’t even look at situations we look at balance and the ability to maintain it… and then whatever comes at you you’ll be fine.. ( many martial arts systems use the same principle )

Yet another aspect that so important, it can’t be something you take time out to do, because you’ll get busy and it will slide.. not unlike the gym attendances that slope off as life finds a hundred reasons why we can’t go today… For that reason PN is how you live, not something you add to life, its not a task, you can’t be “doing my PN” you cant schedule it its how you function 24/7/365 and thus is immune from the “I got busy”..

So in choosing an approach there are many approaches and many techniques that will help you de-stress day to day, others that can go deeper and others that go even deeper than that, but they become smaller in number as we go up that pyramid. Not all aim to do the same job, for instance I have techniques that will de-stress you but that’s not PN so if you were to work with me don’t assume which tool I’ll recommend.. I have many and it has to be the right one for the job and I’m happy to teach you whichever…

And remember that often approaches are completely opposite.. i come across so many people who have tried a little therapy, a little meditation, a little of this and a little of that and they don’t realize that its like being on 5 diets then wondering why you don’t lose weight. many of these things can work on completely opposite and contradicting principles.

Choosing the right tool for the job and doing that one thing well, is so vitally important…