1. Emotional healing from old wounds and fears

2. React how you’d like to – not to old patterns and triggers

3. Really understand emotional responses to people and situations

4. Be centered, in peace, aware of self and of still mind

5. Create, manage and enforce personal energy space

6. Stay balanced, empowered and in oneness

7. Enjoy life as it can be in the moment

8. No more stress !!

9. Make it all permanent

You’ve surely heard all of that before about other techniques….maybe you’ve even tried a few… BUT you won’t have heard this about other techniques

Ptsen-Nuh is taught all from the comfort of your own home via telephone or Skype audio – as it has been to many hundreds of clients from all over the world who use it as their lifestyle of choice.

Ptsen-nuh is from a new and totally revolutionary understanding of how the human energy system works with the body and thought processes to self defeat – ptsen-nuh addresses this interaction to restore natural healing

Ptsen-nuh recognizes that the universe didn’t miss anything out from your ability to self heal, but that generally that process isn’t generally truly understood therefore has been inaccessible to most people and many techniques.

Ptsen-nuh will demonstrate “the popeye principle” of how incorrect information and assumptions got into much of how we think we understand the energy system – yet is fundamentally incorrect. These errors have been copied and copied over time thus rendering most techniques ineffective or short lived.

( the Popeye principle as I call it – refers to the cartoon Popeye used to promote Spinach as having 10 times the iron of other vegetables. It took more than 60 years to re test Spinach to find out it didn’t – but in the meantime a culture had been built upon incorrect information )

Ptsen-nuh is completely self contained, radically different in approach, and does not take from, nor interface with, classical methodologies.

Ptsen-nuh is a total stand alone set of teachings, disciplines and meditations that you learn to use for yourself – you heal you – it gives you the power – you are in control.

Ptsen-nuh is discipline based – it does not require you to believe in it or
anything else, just to use the methods. Any technique that requires belief rather than objective witnessing of its effectiveness will not get around existing fears and anxieties.

Ptsen-nuh is a very advanced set of powerful techniques and should not be confused with simple chakra clearings or meditation cd’s or third party energy manipulation methods such as Reiki. It requires commitment, it is a total way of being not some ritual you add to your life so expect it to be challenging and expect to have to really commit to the disciplines..

Ptsen-Nuh is something we achieve not something we “do” or “try” so the foundational course teaches you how to work the system and you then go on to make that a vital part of your life just like any diet or health regime. and as such is stand-alone, you do not integrate it with any other disciplines, it is a total system..

Ptsen-Nuh has has often been referred to as “probably the most powerful set of emotional / spiritual healing tools available”

“I have no idea how or why PN works, and that is a huge part of it, leave the ideas at the door, and accept that it does work. If you are wondering if it is for you, it is, if you are ready to make some fundamental change to how you live your life. DO NOT compare it to anything else you have ever tried before. Yes, it takes discipline, yet ironically it is uncomplicated and not difficult to follow… and if you put in the effort the results are profound and permanent. This is powerful. The transformation has sent me down a path that has given me my life back. ”, Annie New Zealand

No psychology, no hypnosis, no mantras, no conditioning, no journeying, no analysis, no “reprogramming” no going over old events, no visualizations – just powerful natural emotional healing and YOU are doing it.

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Steve Gunn – Devisor of Ptsen-Nuh Energy Mapping



Twin Soul healing, Spiritual awakening, Spiritual Crisis, Soul Shock, Soul Crisis, Bereavement, Life Blocks, Unfulfilled, Lacking passion and purpose.

Ptsen-Nuh is spiritual work using energy meditation for emotional healing and is not intended to diagnose or treat any mental or physical conditions nor to replace the services of any licensed medical professional. In order to gain benefit from the system you must adhere to the disciplines