Abandon Conceps to Find Peace

I used to read Steve Gunn’s every feedback and Ptsen-Nuh case studies (soul connection ones) with a fine tooth comb and analyze them all. I wanted to be one of his successful case studies but a voice in my head used to tell me it’s too good to be true.

I am a world class analyst and researcher. Today I am crying with so much happiness…its indescribable…it was once unimaginable to me that such happiness could exist that it can move me so much that I will cry.

After researching about soul connections, soulmates, twin souls, twinflames, I contacted Steve Gunn 4 years ago. When I spoke to him I was crying and was in immense pain. I was going through unimaginable and undesribable pain, utter disbelief, shock and constant inner dialogue of analysis and concepts. My soul connection had left me when things between us was beginning to really deepen and at the same time 7 other major dramatic changes took place, which included my mother’s death. I am a strong survivor and have overcome many challenges in life. No matter what, nothing could break me, I always bounced back and looked forward to life. I thrive on challenges. I was a picture of success, achievements. I tried to be the perfect everything. I had everything going for me what was “supposed” to make me happy. But this time when all these challenges and staggering changes happened to me I did not look forward to living any more. Nothing mattered anymore. I could not eat, I could not sleep and scariest of all was the fact that I struggled to even speak words. Speaking, reading and writing used to come so naturally to me, it is second nature to me.

Today I am crying with so much happiness. I feel so happy and I am in so much peace. I feel such liberation, so free. I feel so alive and I feel very powerful. I feel all this on my own and without that soul connection returning to me. The reason for my happiness, peace and strength is PN. Today I have completed PN which I failed at 2 times prior to this. Before PN I have never failed in any course and I have completed a string of tough courses and degrees. All of those courses were concepts and analysis, it was conceptual learning. I used to over rely on analysis and concepts, which did not make me happy and peaceful and could not give me the tool to change my life. PN is experiential learning. Life is about – experiences, emotions, sensations, energy etc, not concepts and analysis. What is the point of being a picture of success according to convention or how society currently defines “success” as if you are not happy? I failed at PN before because I listened to my ego based on “I know best”. The first two times Steve tried to help me with PN I derailed and let my discretion of ego based on “I know best” interfere with my attempt at PN and its disciplines. I faced the consequences. This time I just listened to Steve and therefore I succeeded and am happy, at peace and powerful.